Because: A Literary Magazine

Because: A Literary Magazine is a project that at its core is a collection of works that speak to the curators of the magazine. This is not to say that the curators, (who shall be referred to as “they” from here on out), are the ultimate sayers of art. They are mere appreciators of the written word, musical melodies, and the visual arts.

That being said…  This edition of the magazine’s theme will be: “Because It Can Break: A Look At Pain.” They are accepting submissions of previously unpublished works from the original writer or artist. They are looking to publish polished fiction, non-fiction short stories, and poetry in English or any other language (with translations into English), and visual works that are inspired by heartache. Emotions are a universally understood part of the human being. In this first edition of the magazine they are looking for works that explore the specific emotion of pain, of lost love, and of heartbreak.  They welcome works from published and unpublished writers and artists.  They are looking to pull together a collection of pieces from around the globe to showcase the works of the world, to appreciate world differences, and celebrate our similarities.


  • Short stories: Limit 3 entries, a max 3000 word count, double spaced.
  • Poetry: Limit 3 entries, a max 10 pages.
  • Visual works: Limit 5 entries.
  • Submissions should be emailed to
  • The deadline to submit is Nov. 1, 2018. Note: Acceptance letters will be sent out no later than December 31, 2018. 

Important information to note before submitting

  • Please, inquire first before submitting longer works. 
  • Short stories and poetry must be submitted as a Microsoft word document. 
  • Visual works must be submitted in .JPG format (minimum of 72.DPI). If artwork is accepted, a request will be sent out to resubmit in a larger format (a minimum of 300.DPI).
  • Please inform us if you are submitting the same works to other publications, and if the works have been accepted by another publication, Because only publishes previously unpublished works submitted by the original writer or artist. 
  • Works that are accepted for publication will appear in a print edition of Because, an e-version will be archived and may appear in reprints or anthologies. 
  • Unfortunately, we are not accepting submissions via traditional mail at this time.