An Excerpt. by Christian Camacho

Be kind. This is a preview of a bigger project I am working on. Take it for what it is, a draft. 

“White eyes, I don’t remember a lot, but I remember that.” She whispers. The brown leather couch feels cold under her fingers. She rests her hands in her lap. She blinks constantly, twice every time. She is nervous. The therapist takes note of this. “Alyssa, What do you remember?” The therapist leans forward, “Can you tell me what happened?”

“No. Even if I did, you would think I needed a straight jacket and a padded room.” She answered coldly.

“Your mother sent you here for a reason. I promise you, I am only here to help you.”

“I tried to help too.” Alyssa says, looking out the window. The sun has shifted and shadows are leaning in the opposite direction of when she came in.

“Is our time almost up?”

“Actually, yes.”


“Let’s dive right in shall we? Yesterday you were saying you tried to help. Who were you trying to help?” The therapist asks. Before Alyssa takes a seat.


“Help her how? Your mother says she was not in a good place a few weeks before her death. Can you elaborate?”

“My sister went crazy. My mother said you deal with our kind of problems. You don’t have to tip toe around the subject.” She said calmly.

“I am sorry, your mother said Ana could not control her ability.”

Alyssa scoffs, “No. She let it take control of her. I kept trying to get her back. I kept trying to figure out what was wrong.” She took a deep breath. “My sister could not stop the visions, the first few days, it came in the form of dreams, and she would wake up screaming. She would say that she watched someone die. We didn’t realize that she was seeing futures, until two weeks after the nightmares started. She dreamt of a kid from school being mugged and stabbed. That’s when my mother figured it out. The next day that kid was all over the news. Everyone was talking about him.”

“I remember reading about that student. Did your sister know who killed him?”

“Yes, but my mother felt it would be too risky to say anything. She might have exposed us.”

“Did my mother tell you what I can do?” Alyssa asks.

“No, but your file says you are telekinetic.”

“Yup.” She raises her hand and the pen flies right out of the therapist’s hand. Alyssa, entertained with herself, folds her arms and the pen continues to float. The therapist does not flinch, but instead watches the pen float in midair. Her head tilts to the side, and she holds out her hand, and the pen floats down and hovers an inch above her palm, before falling into her hand.

“Now, can we get on with it? What happened after your mother realized what Ana could do?”

“First, she pulled us both out of school, with my sister’s power showing up, she was afraid I would start to develop as well, said we were home schooling. A few days after we were pulled out of school, I started to develop. I would wake up and be six feet in the air. Sometimes, my keys would come flying at me, if I couldn’t find them myself. I was learning to control it, I shattered my fish tank trying to stop a fish from moving, and instead I broke through the glass.”

“And your sister?” the therapist asks.

“She wasn’t doing any better, if anything, it was getting worse, she started to have visions while she was awake, she would just stand there with her hand to her head for a few seconds, and she would be back, crying. All she ever saw was death, only ever death. She wasn’t sleeping. I mean, being awake wasn’t any better for her, but she never slept.”

“What happened after that?”

“She started to write what she saw down in a notebook, said it helped. I walked past her room a week before she…” Alyssa looks out into the afternoon sky, not a cloud in sight. “Well, she was talking to herself. Repeating something over and over again. I could barely hear her, she would whisper it when no one was around, and stop completely when my mother or I would notice. I tried to ask her what she was talking about, but she stopped talking to us completely. She spent her days in her room. Never coming out. My mother kept trying to feed her, but she wouldn’t eat.”

Alyssa turns to the therapist and watches her write on her pad. “What have you been writing?”

“Unfortunately, time is up.”


“Wow, Redecorating?” Alyssa asks.

The couch has been switched out with a padded doctor’s examination table.

“Please, sit.” Says the therapist, motioning to the table.

“So, what are we doing a physical?” she jokes. The smell of new leather and latex becomes stronger as Alyssa nears the table.

“No, I am going to see what you see.” She says smiling.

Confused, Alyssa says, “You’re a telepath. I should have known. Why have we been wasting time when you could have pulled the answers you wanted right out of my brain. Could’ve saved me a week of therapy.” The paper cover lining the table crumples under her weight.

“That is exactly why you’ve come, therapy. Now lay down and close your eyes.”

“Why, not just read my mind and be done with it.” Alyssa asks.

“That would be rude, and I was hoping you would want to talk about it, but that has not gone too well.” She reaches for Alyssa’s head, “Now, relax.”

Alyssa gasps, and her eyes close shut at the therapist’s touch.

The bedroom is lit by the setting sun. The room is a light shade of orange. The door is cracked open, there is noise coming from the hall. Alyssa’s mother is putting on earrings as she walks downstairs, her heels clacking on the wooden steps as she descends.

‘Alyssa! I am leaving, call me if you need me.’


            Alyssa spends the night reading, the sun has set, her room is lit by a single lamp on her bedside table. She reads until she hears Ana scream, most likely a bad dream. She gets up to check her sister. When she walks into the room, her sister is not in her bed. Not hiding under the sheets. She is curled up in the corner hiding in the shadow of the bedroom door. Alyssa turns to her ‘What are you doing?’ she says calmly, ‘get up.’

‘Through, past, up, down, here.’

‘What?’ Alyssa is caught off guard. This is the first time she hears these words. ‘What did you say?’

‘Through, past, up, down, here. Through, past, up, down, here. Through, past, up, down, here.’ she starts to say over and over again. Alyssa reaches down to pull her sister up, but she pulls away and continues whispering.

‘Through, past, up, down, here.

Through, past, up, down, here.

Through, past, up, down, here.

Through, past, up, down, here.’


‘sis, get up. Lay on the bed and go to sleep.’


‘NO!’ she shouts. She crawls to the window. Crouches down under the windowsill and starts rocking back and forth, her head banging against the wall.


‘Through, past, up, down, here.

Through, past, up, down, here.

Through, past, up, down, here.’


‘Stop it!’ Alyssa shouts.


‘Through, past, up, down, here.

Through, past, up, down, here.’


Alyssa runs to her room to call her mother, the phone is warm in her hands, her hands feel numb, and cold. ‘Mom where are you? Ana is freaking out.’


‘THROUGH, PAST, UP, DOWN, HERE!’ Ana screams from the other room.

‘Mom, help!’ she cries into the phone, ‘Hurry!’

Alyssa sits on her bed, Ana continues to scream two more times.



‘Ana, please.’ Alyssa says. She stands to go back, she swings the door open and a figure is standing at Ana’s door. Tall and big, she can feel its breath from her bedroom door. Its head turns to Alyssa, two white eyes stare at her for a second.

‘THROUGH, PAST, UP, DOWN, HERE!’ Ana screams again.


It takes a step into the room, Alyssa grabs an old bat from her closet and runs to the door, she can hear Ana.

‘Through!’ Ana screams.

The door slams on Alyssa, and she can’t get the door to open. ‘Ana!’

‘Past’ Ana shouts.

Alyssa screams, ‘Ana, open the door.’

‘Up’ Ana says.

Alyssa tries to use her power to open the door, but it will not budge. ‘ANA! She shouts. She stops and presses her ear against the door.

‘Down’ Ana whispers.

The room has gone quiet, Alyssa can hear her heart beating in her ear pressed up against the door. She hears footsteps on the other side. She steps back and hears a chuckling, it sounds like several voices at the same time. Demonic. Alyssa starts to cry, ‘Ana.’ She whispers.

‘HEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEE!’ The voices scream on the other side of the door. The sound is so loud that the door shatters and the sound of breaking glass follows. Ana screams. When the noise has settled, Alyssa gets up and calls for Ana. She steps over debris and holds the bat ready to swing. ‘Ana,’ She whispers, inching her way further into the room.

She runs to the window, ‘No!’ In the backyard lays Ana, a puddle of blood has formed around her.

            The chuckling starts again from behind Alyssa, she turns around quickly to attack, but the figure is charging at her. It’s white eyes are the last thing she sees. She closes her eyes and lifts her hands. There is a loud thud.


The therapist falls to her knees, gasping for air. Alyssa gets off the table to help her up. “That has never happened before” she says.

“That’s the first time you tried to do something like that?”

“No, it’s like I felt his hands around my neck, I could not breathe. I had to let go.” She reaches for her pen, “What happens after that?” she asks as she sits down in her chair.

“The officers arrive, and they took her body. My mother was frantic. She was sitting on my bed trying to be interviewed, but trying hide as many details as possible. To hide our secret. I went to get my mother water; I could hear the officers talking in the hall ‘He came in through the back door, past the kitchen. He went up the stairs, down this hall, and was here’ pointing to the spot right in front of Ana’s door, ‘when the girl first saw him.’ Now, I’m here”

“Is that all you need from me?” Alyssa asks.

“Yes, I will be in touch with you and your mother.”


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