Overshadowed by Christian Camacho

Though fate had permitted us

Just for a moment to share the same space

I wondered if I was a temporary fix, a passing phenomenon.

Every molecule was being pulled to my body, even you.

It was a frenzy

A thousand atoms pushing

And pulling and moving over and under one another

Until every last one had found its place in orbit around us

I dared not look you in the eye,

There was a time where I knew that that was a bad idea,

But I had put aside those childish things,

Opened my eyes and felt the stars explode in their final breath

I remember, after it was over, just laying there

With the midday light shining in on us.

We had forgotten to close the curtains.

I turned to you and reminded you of how we met.

You whispered a declaration in my ear and I wanted it to be real

A small step in the right direction

The sun made its way to the ends of the earth and we were trapped in between the sun and moon’s nightly dance.

I willed every fiber of my being to move us west, to stay in this moment forever

But the sun went down and soon after

This giant leap of fate had decided that we had had our fun.

That the world could only observe so much

I slipped into the night, floating as I made my way home.

My eyes stayed watching as the moon did the same

Rising in someone else’s sky.

The moon had vanished as the world was changing color.

And I was left to greet the sun, good morning.


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