About “Truthwitch” by Susan Dennard

In Susan Dennard’s fantasy world of “The Witchlands,” three empires rule. In the Witchlands there are those who are granted power, these powers can take shape in many different forms and be used in many different ways. We are introduced to our two main characters: Safi, a Truthwitch who can tell a lie from the truth and it is because of this, that she is a commodity to any one empire that has control of her. Iseult is a Threadwitch who can see the threads of others and see how they are feeling, but not is all as it seems for Iseult.
Of course, with all this power comes chaos and war, but for the last twenty years, there has been a truce that has kept peace in the world. That truce is about to end and the empires are gathering to see if they can renegotiate said truce. It is at this gathering that one of our main characters, Safi, is swept away after a huge announcement. Safi and Iseult must run for their lives and figure out how to survive on the run while trying to find peace for themselves.
I will leave out any other spoilers for you. This story took several pages before it starts to iron out and you figure out what is happening. I said this in my short review on Goodreads, I feel that the art of the prologue has been lost on many writers. I feel that maybe using that in Truthwitch, Dennard could have moved the story along much faster. It was a very quick read once the action starts going, but it takes a minute for that to happen. The overall plot was interesting and definitely had its high points. It is at these high points that you really start to meet these characters.
That being said, these characters are all very strong characters on their own. It is because they are such strong characters that Dennard seems to jump from one point of view to the other which is great in that you see other characters and how they view the same event, but it also means that development of these characters is slow, not to say that there isn’t any development.
Once I really dug into this book I could not put it down. Unfortunately for me I had to and that is why it took so long to get this review out. If you are into any kind of magical, medieval fantasy this is a book for you. It is a really quick read that will leave you ready for the next one. Lucky for me, I already have the second in this series.

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