About “History Is All You Left Me” by Adam Silvera

It seems that these days, a work of art, a book, or a film, hell, even sometimes a well placed commercial can jerk some tears from me. I have noticed that I have been drawn to such works lately. My latest read, however, left me so distraught I could not enable myself to cry.

History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera has got to be one of my new favorites. I had heard many things about Adam Slivera and I actually did not even read his first novel. After hearing all these wonderful reviews about his first book and some even went as far as to call him the “King of Tears,” I decided to give his second book a go. Fortunately for me, I was not disappointed.

This story follows the grieving mind of Griffin, a boy who’s ex-boyfriend has just past away. Griffin is dealing with many different things. All of those things soon reveal themselves as the story progresses. There are several points in the story that strike the reader to feel different emotions. We meet several characters along the way that are important to our main character’s development.

Theo: The ex-boyfriend/1 of 2 best friends.

Wade: 1 of 2 best friends.

Jackson: Theo’s new boyfriend

There are parents of these boys and a few other people that have been inserted to reveal more about the main characters than anything else. Regardless, they are integral to the story and revealing how these characters have been feeling since the beginning. I often found myself wondering if I hate this character or do I love that character or is this character wrong or right. As the reader, you will find yourself understanding that you may not be able to understand these characters at all. It isn’t until the end that you truly understand what has happened and why they happened. I implore you to carry on through the story until the end you will not be disappointed and if after reading my review and deciding to read this book you are still disappointed with it, tough shit, because I love this book!

Obviously, this book tackles the themes of grief and LGBT love, but it also takes a look at love in general how it often works against us in times of stress. We see themes of dealing with mental disorders and how they affect not just those afflicted by it, but those who love those who are dealing with it. Silvera has artfully woven the big and small details that come with grieving into a beautiful tale of finding yourself after losing a part of yourself. I highly recommend this book to you if you like a true to life story of finding and losing love and the intricacies of it all.

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