About “Dreamland” By. Robert L. Anderson

In the last few weeks I have been having very weird dreams, mostly anxiety dreams where I am repeating a stressful situation, but that is another blog post all together. I walked into my local bookstore looking for three things.

  1. A book I have not seen on Instagram, YouTube, or even heard of.
  2. A book that is a stand-alone.
  3. A book with a female protagonist.

Luckily, I found that on my first round through the store (of course, being me, I went through the store several times). That book was Dreamland by Robert L. Anderson. So this story follows Dea, a high school student, who can “walk” into other peoples’ dreams. She discovered this power at the age of six, and her mother explained to her what it was and how it worked and gave her only three rules,

  1. Never interfere.
  2. Never walk the same person’s dream more than once.

The most important of those rules was that Dea can never be seen. When asked “why?” her mother’s response was “I won’t let them find you.”


All of this was on the back of the book and I was instantly hooked. It was a runaway story about a girl with the ability to walk other peoples’ dreams and there were people in these dreams that were after her.


I read this book and I immediately found myself turning and turning the pages. Dea and her mother have been on the move from town to town her whole life. She never understood why, until she decided to break her mother’s rules and she walks her neighbor, Connor’s dream a second time. This second time in she is seen and from there she is hunted down. With her mother kidnapped and taken into the dreamland she must figure out how to get there and then how to get her and her mother out.


As I got further and further into the book I started to wonder how Anderson was going to wrap all of this up. Unfortunately, I managed to grab a book that was not actually a standalone, but the beginning of a series. Without giving you spoilers, the end of the book leaves something to be desired and opens the world up a bit more and would require at the very least one more book to wrap it all up. I read this book and as far as I can tell from the Internet there will not be a second book, which really upsets me.


The characters are so much fun to watch, because of the situation and all of their quick decision making, it makes this story very fun to watch unfold. It is a quick read. If you are willing to hold out and wait for the second book by all means read this book. I really enjoyed it. I just hope that there is a second book on its way!


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