About “Monsters” by Ilsa J. Bick


Y’all, after almost a year of having this on my “currently reading” shelf, I have finally finished this damn book. This book is the third and final installment of this series and after the first two I had really high hopes for this final chapter. This book follows our protagonist and a mess of other characters as they traverse through the land of “The Changed” a hyper-violent zombie horde. Most of the survivors are either very young or very old, only a select few of those in-between have been spared from “changing.” anyone else in between has turned into essentially zombies, but in this book they are referred to in several ways: “The changed,” “Chuckies,” “People-eaters,” and a whole lot of other names as well.


This final book was a lot of things for me. I seriously just wanted a nice ending to this series and to figure out what the hell happened and how, but this book basically tells you that you will never find out what caused all of this and that it doesn’t matter.

However, I did not pay much attention to that, because there were other problems I was having with this book:

First, The POV changes so many damn times! It was more bothersome, when you would be reading and in the middle of the chapter, BAM! It changes and then you waste so much time going back and rereading trying to figure out where the POV changed and to whom.

Secondly, it changes to too many characters. It would have been fine if it changed from two, maybe three characters, but goes through like 8 different characters. Sometimes the new POV’s are showing up when one of the main characters is around, but the author decided to give you a different POV and that drove me up the wall! It was too many people to keep track of.

Lastly, This book is huge, 671 pages long to be exact. Again, that isn’t the problem. I found myself not even half way through the book and the author decides to throw in a new plot point. You find yourself introduced to a character who, as far as I remember was not even mentioned in the first two books and he becomes this big baddie. In the first two books we are introduced to characters that have, since the event, developed a hyper-sense. Alex with super-smell, that one guy with super-touch, and the only lady with super-hearing, but in this last book we get a guy who can control the minds of the changed. WHAT? Then, by the end of the book our main character, Alex, can see into the zombies’ minds and control them too. This book was a mess.

I wish that this book just ended with a bang and that was that, but it didn’t it left me wanting more, but at the same time just wanting to get it over with. I really loved the concept of the first two books and was looking forward to it being concluded, but I was left disappointed. If my review hasn’t put you off of this book, you can find it below:

The book:

The Author:



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