About “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy

This book was on a reading list for my Disaster Writing class in college. At the time I had to admit that I had never heard of the book or seen the movie. I think this one of the only book in the class that I actually finished. Haha.
“The Road” is a story about a father and son in post-apocalyptic America. The world is dead and grey and they are making their way to the coast in hopes of finding salvation. Armed with a shopping cart, the clothes on their back and a gun, they continue their journey to the coast.
McCarthy works wonders and gives you an entire world that has burned down to nothing. It is bleak and depressing, but also very immersive. The father and son are so well written and so much detail about them and what drives them is given, without a single mention of their names. The entire story hinges on their love for each other and their willingness to survive for each other.
This book is the textbook example of the Iceberg technique that Hemingway was so fond of. This is a lack of quotation marks in this story and I know some people will be driven up the wall about it, but I feel that in this story it serves a purpose. These two characters are so connected that its almost as if the dialogue isn’t spoken at all. McCarthy is a brilliant writer to say the least and it shows in his flawed characters who are still very much good people.
I will tell you right now, that this book is so emotionally draining that you will want a light hearted book after this or put you in a reading slump for a moment, but it is well worth that risk. “The Road” is a grey, desolate nightmare that is beautifully written and is worth your time to read.

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