Twilight by Stephanie Meyers

I know. Oh, I know. I am a bit late to this sparkly vampire train. I did not hop on like everyone else did when it first came out or when the movie first came out. I did however read this first book in the “Twilight” saga by Stephanie Meyers, a very long time ago. I recently reread this book and remembered how passionately I felt about this book.

Twilight follows Bella Swan a recent transplant in the small town of Forks, Washington. Bella meets Edward Cullen a mysterious boy in her new high school and reconnects with an old friend Jacob Black a member of a local Native American tribe. When Bella figures out the secret that the mysterious Edward is hiding it takes her on a big adventure in her small town home.

I decided to read this book after watching the movie, so my opinion on this may be very biased. I found Bella to be such a flat character that was often times so void of emotion that it frustrated both Edward and I. Speaking of Edward, he just felt creepy the entire time. You meet so many characters in this first book and at certain points it was hard to keep track of all the storylines.

Meyers spent a lot of time on their facial expressions and their feeling, so much so that I felt like it was a way of hiding the lack of tension or the shallow plot of the story. The plot is very basic and it leaves much to be desired. I know that many people love this series, but I barely got through the first book. If angst-y immortal teenage love is something you are interested in this would be a good book for you. Unfortunately, for me, I will not be reading the other books in this series.

Are you a ‘Twi-hard?” sound off in the comments.

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