About “Things Not Seen” by Andrew Clements

“Things Not Seen” by Andrew Clements found its way onto my bookshelves by accident. I went to a book fair at my middle school and somehow ended up with the wrong bag of books. Fortunately for me; the only book that was not in my original bag was Clements’.
This story follows a young boy named Bobby. One day, Bobby wakes up and finds himself (so to speak) completely invisible. His family and friends think he has gone missing. While flirting with a blind girl, Alicia, he must figure out how to turn back to normal before his family gets into trouble.
This book is a very entertaining YA/SCI-FI read. Although, the gravity of the situation of a missing child and the impact on his parents may need to be emphasized more for a younger reader, it does not take away from the amazing writing and intriguing storyline.
Clements gives the reader and Bobby the opportunity to understand disabilities in a new way. There is a constant theme of “blindness” and with that there is a mature development for both Bobby and Alicia. It is an important read for children and adults alike. If you have not read this classic from 2002 I highly recommend that you check it out.

Let me know in the comments what you thought of this book!

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