About “A Work In Progress” by Connor Franta

“A Work In Progress” by Connor Franta is a collection of essays depicting the titular “youtuber” and his life before YouTube and all of life’s speed bumps along the way. I am an avid fan of YouTube and the content creators behind some of their more well known channels. Connor Franta is one such creator that I have followed for quite some time now.

As a fan of Franta’s of course I was going to read his book. Although, I am more of a fantasy/ adventure type reader, I was more than willing to give this a try. It was heartfelt and insightful and overall was a quick read. My biggest issue was that the entire book read like one of Franta’s youtube videos. I thoroughly enjoy watching his videos on Youtube, but I felt that this book should have had a different tone, but it didn’t. I was half wanting a video to go with each chapter.

You can tell that a lot of work was put into this collection. The photos that go along with the book are very well curated and show just how much thought was put into each one that was added. The book has a very strong “be yourself” message and I feel that this book will be a positive light for a younger audience. If you have not found the time to read this book, I highly suggest you find some time. It was inspiring and very well put together.

I would like to read what you all have to say about this book down in the comments!

Buy the book here:

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