About “Binge” by Tyler Oakley

“Binge” by Tyler Oakley was my second “Youtuber” book. I have found that several of my favorite youtubers were writing books and to be completely honest I was going to try and avoid them all. I did however, give in and buy a few of them to read. This like Franta’s “A Work in Progress” is a collection of essays speaking on his life before and during youtube.

Oakley’s “Binge” reads like one of his youtube videos and once you get into his “youtuber” life, it becomes a bit self-indulgent. I felt like each chapter would have been better as a video on his youtube channel. I am a fan of Tyler’s and I have been for a while. I was just expecting more from this book. The first half is quite entertaining and then when he moves into youtube territory it loses some of its charm.

If you are a fan of Tyler Oakley’s this is a book you will enjoy. It is a quick fun read that shows a more honest side to Oakley. You will learn a lot about Tyler and things he has not shared on his youtube channel.

What do you think of Tyler Oakley and his youtube career?

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