About “Library of Souls” by Ransom Riggs

As the final book in the Peculiar Series by Ransom Riggs, Library of Souls is the build-up to the final battle. The story once again finds our hero Jacob continuing his journey to find and rescue his kidnapped friends. In this chapter of the journey, Jacob, Emma, and the Peculiar dog Addison, find themselves once again the run with a bit more help than they expected to have. After meeting one eccentric and some dark Peculiars, they are forced to head into battle alone.

I am just going to say it outright! The insta-love thing is completely irrelevant to the story. The plot would have been just fine without it. Riggs seems to want to remind you several times throughout this adventure that the two “lovers” are part of a weird love triangle with Jacob’s Grandfather, who Emma just so happened to have feeling for in the past. It’s really a weird sub-plot in this story.

Again, you are meeting more and more people and I get that you want some form of world building, but a lot of it is unnecessary to the plot. If anything parts of the story are just there to create a spot for one of his creepy photos to make an appearance. There is a complete chapter about “peculiar pimps” and their drugged up products that hold no real purpose to the story other than a moment of world building that should have been done earlier. This is the last book in the series, there should not be this much world building at this point. It all feels very rushed and because Riggs is trying to close the story at the same time “world build” it takes so long to get to the conclusion. I feel like this entire series could have been just one or two books if only Riggs cut some portions out.

Don’t get me wrong. This book has its flaws, as mentioned above, but with that being said I have enjoyed this series, (even if it was with the occasional eye-roll). If creepy settings and creepy photos are your thing, this series could work for you. If you enjoyed the first two books this last one you will enjoy.

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