About “The Hate U Give” By Angie Thomas

Well, this is the story all about how… Ok, I am not going to be that person. However, this is the story about a young girl named Starr. She struggles between between two different versions of herself, the girl from the poor black neighborhood and the girl that goes to the rich white private school. Unfortunately, she is witness to her childhood friend Khalil being shot and killed by a police officer. Khalil was unarmed. As the news of the shooting spreads, Starr must decide what she is going to do. If she comes forward and tells her side of the story or if she remains silent, both have their consequences and she must decide what is more important to her, justice for her friend or her quiet double life.

Starr is such an interesting character, because, like real people she struggles with being herself and what that means. She is on one hand a young black woman and on the other hand, she can’t be. Starr is often seen struggling to keep her “white voice” when talking to certain people. She is complex and level headed, but at the same time she can be unpredictable. The other characters are solid, strong-minded characters and it is hard to pick a side in almost every conflict.

That being said, the story offers the reader a chance to see a side of a conflict that is all too real in this day and age. The media is littered with stories like Starr and Khalil’s and most of the time the story is wrong. This story may be fiction, but it mirrors so many non-fiction peoples’ stories. The message that Thomas gives the reader is a strong one of injustice and the pain that comes with that. I promise this is not an anti-police, anti-white story or anything like that. I think that a story like this does not come around very often, but when it does people must be willing at the very least to give it a chance. I would like to think this book could change a lot of people’s opinions on things like the #BlackLivesMatter movement, on police brutality.

I cannot recommend this book more than I do now. This book has been deeply moving for me and needs to be read. I beg you to buy this book and read this book!

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