About Magicians Impossible by Brad Abraham

3 out 5 Stars.

To preface this I got this book through my Page Habit subscription box. If you want to check them out you can use this link (PageHabit Box), they are amazing. Anyway, as soon as I read the cover I was hooked, what could be better than spies with magic? Of course, there was a letter with the book from the author that tells you that the inspiration for this book came from his own twisted tongue says “magicians” instead of “mission.”

The opening of the book is a doozy. The world is introduced to you with a very graphic magic trick. If you can handle a bit of gore, it pulls you in immediately. That being said, you are following the story of Jason, whose father has passed and soon after the funeral is swept into the world of magical espionage. He is a thirty-something bartender who feels unfulfilled in life. Once his life takes a major change his finds himself surrounded by people he doesn’t know who can do extraordinary things.

The spy aspect of this story takes a backseat to the magic of the world. Jason, unrealistically, takes to magic very quickly. This is to say he was mastering different types of magic within his first two days of training and quickly comes up the ranks within days, where others have been training for years and this upset me. The other characters all felt as if the story was trying too hard to be diverse. Listen, I am all for diversity, but it felt like Abraham was trying to make it obvious that they were a diverse group, rather than them just being a diverse group if that makes sense.

The first half of the book goes pretty fast. Within the first few days of the plot you are about half way through the book. I feel that this is the kind of story that had the potential to be more than just a stand-alone. It begs to be more than that. The elements in this story want to be more and explain more, but can’t because of its constrictions of not being a start to a series.

You will quickly find yourself guessing the plot and figuring out who fits where and when they will show up again. With an opening like the one Abraham has created I was hoping for a bit more than what I got. Mind you, I did thoroughly enjoy this book. It was a fun read with a bunch of magical action, but it did too much too fast that you were able to call all of the twists and most of the plot after the big reveal. It is because of the lackluster twist that this book fell flat for me.

If you want a book with some fun, magical aspects, this is a book for you. It is packed with action and magic, but pretty much reads like a bad action movie, more action, less plot.

Buy the book here:

Check out the author here: http://bradabraham.com/


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